Soundproofing and Sound Isolation Products
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Resilient Sound Isolation Clip (RSIC-SI-CRC X2 Low Profile®)
(Low Profile Heavy Duty Double Deflection Spring Isolator) NEW PRODUCT!

The RSIC-SI-CRC X2 Low Profile Spring Isolator is designed for use in a ceiling under Concrete, Steel or Wood Floor Ceiling systems. The RSIC-SI-CRC X2 Low Profile isolator is available in 5 lb, 10 lb, 20 lb, 40 lb, 80 lb, 120 lb, and 160 lb spring rates. The Spring is fully assembled and preloaded. The RSIC-SI-CRC X2 Low Profile is adjustable starting with a 3" drop. To increase the cavity depth, add all thread and a coupling nut to extend the RSIC-SI-CRC X2 Low Profile further away from the floor system.

RSIC-SI-CRC X2, the Low Cost, High Performance, Noise control Solution

Verify product application before adding to UL Fire Rated Assemblies