Soundproofing and Sound Isolation Products
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Resilient Sound Isolation Clip for
(RSIC-1-Edge Clip®)

RSIC-1-Edge Clip®

The RSIC-1-Edge Clip is designed for use with any wood framed, steel framed, CMU, or concrete wall and ceiling system with the RSIC-1 clips . The RSIC-1-EDGE assembly decouples and isolates the gypsum board or plywood from the structure where sufficient framing is not present to mount the standard RSIC-1 clips. With an Acoustical design load rating of 36 lbs per isolator, the RSIC-1-Edge clip can support up to two layers of 5/8" gypsum board when spaced at 24" x 48" oc. For heavier systems increase the number of isolators to support the additional weight of the system. The RSIC-1-EDGE clip fastens directly to the framing or structure creating a 1-5/8" cavity between the face of the framing and the back of the gypsum board aligning with the RSIC-1 clips.