Soundproofing and Sound Isolation Products
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Resilient Sound Isolation Clip
RSIC-AMI® Window Mullion

RSIC-AMI (Acoustical Mullion Isolator)

The RSIC-AMI (Acoustical Mullion Isolator) decouples the acoustical mullion section from the main mullion section stopping the noise transfer from unit to unit. The RSIC-AMI is one part of the total isolation system with an STC 58 when paired with a wall that has an STC equal to or greater than 58. The RSIC-AMI is mounted to the first section of the acoustical mullion, fiberglass insulation, and Engineered Mass (MLV) is cut to fit tightly in the acoustical mullion section to complete the fill of the mullion section. Caulking or gaskets are used to fill the space between the glass and the acoustical mullion, and the gypsum board and acoustical mullion.

RSIC-AMI flier

RSIC-AMI Installation Guide

STC 58

Only available supplied and installed, through your O.E.M. curtain wall manufacturer and installer.

RSIC-AMI® Window Mullion Full Report

Verify product application before adding to UL Fire Rated Assemblies