RSIC-FGP® (Framing Isolation)


RSIC-FGP used in conjunction with the RSIC-U and RSIC-WFI for framing isolation. The RSIC-FGP is a semi-rigid insulation board made from felted glass fibers in a nominal density of 2.9 pcf (46.5 kg/m3). RSIC-FGP are characterized by a low organic content, which promotes incombustibility.

Available type:

RSIC-FGP is furnished in standard sizes of 3.5" x 24" and 6" x 24" with a thicknesses nom. ½”. The insulation has a smooth unfaced surface. Applications

RSIC-FGP is an incombustible material with configuration for a range of Residential, commercial and government projects. RSIC-FGB are designed specifically to provide thermal and acoustical insulation on floor and ceiling connections of walls. Fast Installation. The resilient, semi-rigid insulating board is easy to cut and fit, and can be fabricated with minimal time and effort.

The standard sizes available help save cutting and trimming time and reduce waste.

RSIC-FGP, the Low Cost, High Performance, Noise control Solution


Verify product application before adding to UL Fire Rated Assemblies