RSIC-WFI Kit. Wall Frame Isolation Kit

RSIC-WFI KIT 3.5" and 6"

The RSIC-WFI Kit was developed to float a non load bearing wall and stop noise transfer into and out of the wall frame. This allows for a more complete isolation system for walls in theaters, recording studios, and any other wall where noise can travel up or down from the ceiling of floor above and below the wall. The RSIC-WFI Kit uses the RSIC-WFI Isolator and the RSIC-FGP fiberglass pad to create an isolation kit. Each kit covers 2 linear feet of either 3..5" or 6" wall framing. The RSIC-WFI kit can be used a the bottom and top of a wall.

RSIC is the Low Cost, High Performance, Noise control Solution

Verify product application before adding to UL Fire Rated Assemblies